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Highlights of 2018 China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum

Date: 2019-01-03 16:24:12     
Source: Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association

Below are some highlights of 2018 China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum.
Presentations: Displaying Technological Innovation
In the 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s scientific and technological progress has experienced great growth. In meat industry, new technologies spring up in many areas such as meat research and development, production process, meat machinery, food ingredients, packaging materials, health and safety, etc. At the forum, a number of companies have made wonderful sharing of new technologies for meat production in various fields like meat equipment, hygiene and safety, and intellectual property rights.
Jining Xinglong Food Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has not only made outstanding contributions to R&D and supply of slaughtering and processing machinery and equipment, but also made persistent efforts in ensuring health and safety of fresh meat in slaughtering process. At this forum, Xinglong Food Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. discusses in detail problems existing in pig slaughtering and processing in southern China as well as solutions and development directions.
As for new technologies in  meat equipment technologies like intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory, etc.,  Zhejiang RIBON Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. delivered a speech concerned traceability system in intelligent slaughtering and processing, which provided a strong technical support for slaughtering and processing enterprises in intelligent production and management .

With more than ten years of research and development efforts, Shenzhen Rochi Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. has broken through technical bottleneck of chlorine dioxide industry for more than 200 years, and developed   leading chlorine dioxide disinfection and sterilization product, which achieved  technological breakthroughs in high purity (purity up to 99.84%), accurate concentration (concentration can be set arbitrarily and remain unchanged), no activation (used directly without activator), and long-term preservation. Its high-tech chlorine dioxide product filled the gap in Chinese market and can be applied to various fields of production and life. Chlorine dioxide is internationally recognized as a safe and non-toxic fourth-generation green disinfectant and food additive. WHO and FAO recommend chlorine dioxide as A1-level (safety level equivalent to salt and sugar) broad-spectrum, safe and efficient disinfector. The company’s spacial sterilization technology is the first in the world to eliminate bacteria and viruses in space without stopping flow of people and materials, ensuring purification, fresh air and health of production space, and is the first chlorine dioxide product that is approved by National Health and Family Planning Commission of P.R.C. to be used in spacial disinfection. Pioneering application of the new cholerine dioxide will revolutionize hygiene, safety and health in meat production.
At the forum, MULTIVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. Illustrated how automated processing and packaging solutions for fresh meat and intelligent control of automated packaging production lines achieve unified operation concept and perfect integration of components.
Changshu Slaughtering Equipment Factory Co. Ltd. held a wonderful discussion on technical aspects of upgrading and transformation of pig slaughterhouse and providing various solutions to different needs of products due to geographical characteristics.
Professor Zhang Jianhao of Nanjing Agricultural University introduced key technologies and equipment research outcomes of high-voltage electric field plasma cold sterilization, effectively solving problems of short shelf life of meat products, lack of safe and effective sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging technology, and secondary pollution.
Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery Co. Ltd., shared at the forum that how full-automatic dynamic marinated cooking equipment meet food processing enterprises’ demands in industrial automation and food flavor standardization, how steam-gas hybrid sterilizer cater for canned food production enterprises’ needs of heat sterilization, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.
With regard to guarantee quality of fried meat products, Shanghai Danhai Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. introduced online pressure oil filter which brings new service  mode for processing costs and process improvement of fried meat products at home and abroad, achieving energy saving and safety production. Finally, in response to recent disputes in areas of enterprise technology research and development, intellectual property rights, technology patents, etc., the legal rights and reputation of some enterprises have been infringed at varying degrees, Rules&Spotlight (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Co. Ltd. extended professional explanation on how enterprises protect their legitimate rights and interests more scientifically. 


Face-to-face talk: Supply and Demand Negotiation for Win-win Cooperation
As the key section of forum agenda, the face-to-face talk among participants is a characteristic part of the forum in consecutive years. The forum updated and expanded the on-site publicity and all participating enterprises held heated technical, equipment, material application consultation as well as supply-demand cooperation negotiation. Supply and demand enterprise carried on thorough discussion about digitized and intelligent technology, practical application of automatic equipment, the emerging food safety solutions, legal consultation for protection of intellectual property rights and cooperation in various application fields. At the forum, some enterprises have reached preliminary intention of cooperation, and agreed that after the meeting, the purchasers will go directly to enterprises of suppliers to conduct field investigation for further cooperation.
Following face-to-face talk, live interviews with leaders and representatives in meat processing industry were carried out. At the end of the forum, awards were conferred to the enterprises which had made outstanding contributions to the development of China meat industry .
Looking forward to see you in Semptember at 2019 China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum in Chengdu, China!