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2018 China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum

Date: 2019-06-20 14:49:33     
Source: Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association

Aimed at boosting improvement and development of China meat machinery and equipment industry, enhancing communication and cooperation among meat machinery and equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, displaying new look of made-in-China and facilitating transformation and application of advanced technology in intelligent and green manufacture, 2018 China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum was held on October 17 to 18, 2018 in Shenzhen China. The forum was hosted by Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association (MEBCMA), with the theme of Intelligent Manufacture, Green Manufacture, Promoting Upgrade.

The forum brings together leaders and experts from related government departments, provincial meat industry associations and meat research institutes, representatives from outstanding enterprises in fields of advanced meat processing machinery, food safety and environmental hygiene, such as Jining Xinglong Food Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Hebei Xiaojin Food Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., MULTIVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd., Zhejiang RIBON Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Ganshi Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd., Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Rochi Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd., Changshu Slaughtering Equipment Factory Co. Ltd., Shanghai Danhai Machinery Technology Co. Ltd., Rules&Spotlight (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Co. Ltd., Shijiazhuang Boan Stainless Steel Equipment Co. Ltd., Nanjing Kaihong Machinery Co. Ltd., and also is supported by many meat industry chain enterprises. Over 280 representatives from meat processing and meat equipment enterprises, materials supply, technology research and development, legal consultation and other enterprises from all over China attended the conference. The well-organized forum achieved success with wide support from meat industry.

In the morning on 17 October 2018, Mr. Sheng Junhua, deputy secretary-general of MEBCMA, presided over the opening ceremony of the forum and introduced leaders and representatives who attended the forum like Mr. Chen Wei (deputy executive president and secretary-general of China Meat association), Mr. Wu Jianguo (deputy executive president and secretary-general of Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association), Mr. Sun Lizheng (president of Anhui Province Meat Industry Association), Mr. Yan Weijun (president of Hubei Province Meat Industry Association), Mr. Zhou Xiaorong (president of Hunan Province Meat Industry Association), just to name a few. He also extended heartfelt thanks to enterprises which supported the event.

Mr. Chen Wei delivered an opening speech. He said that since the reform and opening up, China meat machinery and equipment industry has developed from scratch, from small to large, from large to strong. Meat processing machinery and equipment is crucial to meat industry. Because of emergence and development of mechanical equipment, China meat industry gained development. The development of meat machinery and equipment industry is a guarantee for sustainable development of Chinese meat industry. Chinese meat enterprises need to improve quality of their products by improving hardware facilities of their machinery and equipment. The development of meat machinery industry should seize opportunities. The annual growth amount of China meat industry assets is about 80 billion to 90 billion Chinese yuan, of which the most investment is spent for machinery and equipment, so the development space is rather large. Traditional meat processing enterprises call for machinery manufacturers to provide better hardware facilities and develop green and intelligent manufacturing combined with new product research and development, eg. how to do non-fried, non-smoked and keep original flavor of products, which are problems to be solved via research and development.
He mentioned the rapid onset of African Swine Fever in China. It is difficult to develop vaccine in the short term. In the case of a long vaccine research cycle, disinfection facilities and equipment should be kept up. Concerning disinfection for vehicles and workshops, whether some enterprises can solve problems and help enterprises overcome temporary difficulties. If an enterprise fails to pass the disinfection standards, it will have to suspend production. The losses of production suspension is huge compared with costs of disinfection facilities and disinfectants. To end his speech, Chen Wei said that meat machinery and equipment enterprises have made great contributions to China meat industry, but we have a long way to go. It is necessary to seriously study the trends of industry development. Only by mastering the actual situations, can we really determine the direction of the enterprises development and positioning of their products. Then he announced the commencement of the forum.

Wu Jianguo said in his speech that Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association is an exchange platform for mechanical equipment and meat processing enterprises. Through former forums, many new technologies, new products, new materials and new ideas have been released to users, helped many enterprises that encountered difficulties in production to find solutions, and enterprises that encountered bottlenecks in development process found innovative development ideas and ways. China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum is targeted at letting users accept new technologies, new ideas and improve quality of their products. Meat machinery and equipment enterprises need to look to the future, broaden thoughts and enhance automation and intelligence of equipment, and also need to improve technical levels, quality and after-sales service of products.
Nine presentations were delivered at the forum. Nine enterprises from all over China shared the achievements of new technologies in meat slaughtering and processing equipment, sterilization and packaging as well as knowledge in intellectual property protection. While meat machinery manufacturers contributed the latest outcomes and advanced technologies from application of automation and intelligence, meat processors put forward plan for future development, the technical support they actually needed and the desire to cooperate with enterprise to break through technical difficulties. After the presentations, business negotiations between enterprises with cooperation intentions, live interviews and awards ceremony were held. The forum was broadcast live through Internet.
China Meat Processing Technology Development Forum takes place every year since 2010. It will be held on October in Changsha City, Hunan Province, Central China in 2019.