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Rui er is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of meat cutting equipment, providing comprehensive solutions for global meat processing customers and central kitchen customers. The products cover the domestic advanced pig, cattle, sheep, poultry division a


Crate washer

1 Pieces CNY ¥ 168,000

  • Brand:ruier
  • Texture of material:sus304
  • Place of delivery:Shandong, China
  • Power:17570
  • Weight:1.5 tons
  • Operation mode:full-automatic


  • Product Category: Cleaning and disinfection equipment
  • Model:XXJ-4500
  • Country of origin:China > Shandong
  • Degree of automation:Full-automatic
  • Certification:ruierzhichuang
  • Dimensions (length, width, height):4800*1700*1600 mm
  • Voltage:380v
  • Production Capacity:1800L/h
  • New or used:New
  • Customized:Customizable
  • Agent:Agent in need
  • Mailing a picture album:Mailing
  • Minimum order quantity:One Pieces
  • Delivery time:On a case-by-case basis
  • Packaging details:Strict export packing
  • Customs code:0201
  • After-sale service:0543-7892789
  • Defects Liability Period:six months
  • Contact person:Mr. 高伟

Ruier is an enterprise dedicated to meat segmentation and processing research and development, quality manufacturing and sales, providing comprehensive solutions for global meat processing customers and central kitchen customers.

Years of industry experience, cast a group of experienced professional team, to provide customers from slaughter, segmentation, drainage, refrigeration, purification and other one-stop services.

The products cover the most advanced pig, cattle, sheep and poultry dividing and conveying line, cleaning system, drainage system and other supporting equipment of meat processing workshop.

In the 21st century, the key for enterprises to achieve sustainable development lies in the competition of people and services. Ruier insists on "customer-centered and service-driven", and makes great efforts on how to meet the requirements of equipment technology, technology and after-sales service for customers of meat enterprises, and strictly implements the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service standards, so as to solve problems for customers and make you free from worries.

Rui er takes wisdom as the root and innovation as the first, and strives to make greater contribution to the rapid development of food machinery industry.

Applicable industries: meat industry, bakery industry, fast food industry, aquatic industry, fruit and vegetable industry, breeding industry and other industries, turnover boxes, frozen plates, plastic containers, etc. (for individual sizes, customized processing is required).

The whole stainless steel material is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel material. Reliable performance, smooth operation, simple installation and maintenance, with high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, low energy consumption, long service life and other advantages!

The whole equipment adopts modular assembly, convenient for disassembly, maintenance and cleaning, three-dimensional three-dimensional design, intuitive three-dimensional, more convenient to understand the overall structure of the equipment.
Food grade stainless steel operation chain, double track operation;

Pre-cleaning using stainless steel fan nozzle, the main cleaning using a full range of vertical cleaning nozzle, high pressure, good cleaning effect.

Stainless steel pipe connection with movable joint, easy to remove.
The unique annular chain design makes the circulation box run more smoothly. Bottom four rows of stainless steel nozzle cleaning more thoroughly. The limit side rail of the plate can be adjusted flexibly, and a variety of plates of different specifications can be cleaned. Shell design door lock structure can be independently removed, convenient maintenance.

The shell is 304 2.0mm stainless steel bending welding, reducing sanitary dead Angle in many aspects. All stainless steel piping can be removed freely. A set of blowdown valve is added at the steam pipe inlet, and a set of steam exhaust pipe is provided above the box.
The water level and water temperature of the water tank are automatically controlled. The ratio of hot and cold water to the set temperature of 82 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Celsius through the solenoid valve according to the designed water temperature, so as to minimize energy consumption. With steam muffler system

Four-channel cleaning effect, stainless steel hot water pump, horizontal sanitary grade water pump is used for pre-cleaning and rinsing, vertical sanitary grade water pump is used for main cleaning, and finally, it can replace the traditional manual cleaning operation, to meet the requirements of different food enterprises for a large number of turnover boxes cleaning. (specially designed air drying according to customer requirements).

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