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Brief Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association

Brief Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association

Machinery and Equipment Branch of China Meat Association (hereinafter referred to as MEBCMA), directly subordinate to China Meat Association, is a specialized branch engaged in management of meat machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in China, functioning as an industry management department which provides technology service, equipment service and engineering construction service to Chinese meat processing enterprises.


The aims of MEBCMA are to strengthen industry self-discipline; to facilitate technology progress; to guide, serve, sort out and improve enterprises overally; to enhance management concepts, unite and help each other, innovate and facilitate mutual development; to promote technical standardization of industry and improve quality of mechanical products, deepen the development process of automation and intelligentization in meat processing to fulfill the overall advancement of livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing level in China. It not merely guides enterprises to sustain development in China and meet demands of domestic market and machiney requirements in large-scale production, but also encourages them to go globally to be in line with world advanced technology and management. Committed to keeping China meat machinery industry on a healthy development track, it is the most professional meat industry organization in China.

To serve as a bridge and link, strengthen guidance and publicity, and facilitate information exchanges among slaughtering, processing machinery enterprises and users, via industry journal Meat Machinery and Equipment, China Meat Machinery Network and WeChat platform, MEBCMA offers enterprises broad communication channels with comprehensive information services. Through aforesaid media, it urges the industry to firmly follow the path of sustainable development in standardized implementation, food hygiene and safety, environmental protection and clean production. It adovocates enterprises to emphasize self-discipline and innovation, respect intellectual property rights, establish brand awareness, learn advanced management and participate in international competition. It also focuses on publicizing new technologies, new products and new equipment in multiple fields, displays latest research achievements, introduces market development trends, and builds exchange platform of scientific research, production, application and service of the industry.

At the initial stage of reform and opening up, China meat processing machinery industry was only represented by few mechanic workshops in meat processing factories. Through efforts spared in last four decades, it has made tremendous progress via technology import, technology development and innovation. Now the industry consists of more than 500 meat machinery manufacturers. A variety of equipment has reached international advanced level and replaced imported equipment, which plays a positive part in rapid development of China livestock and poultry slaughtering industry.

The establishment of MEBCMA opens up a platform for China meat processing machinery enterprises to communicate with their peers at home and abroad. Through service plus help, it attempts to improve quality of enterprise products, advance competency of management personnel, perceive market concepts and enhance brand awareness; it calls for fair competition and diversity, high quality and good price; it values intellectual property rights, encourages enterprises to create independent brands, popularizes advanced products, eliminates outdated products and boycotts counterfeit and inferior products to jointly create harmonious and equal competition environment and to protect lawful rights and interests of the industry and consumers.

MEBCMA is willing to collaborate with relevant institutions to devote to strengthening industry self-discipline and enterprise credit, improving management level and professional quality of enterprises, accelerating the innovative pace of industry standardization, automatization and intelligentization, and promoting normalized management, standardized production and motivated marketization in the industry so that we can fulfill healthy development of livestock and poultry slaughtering and meat processing industry in China and the world.

MEBCMA will supply meat processing enterprises with products of advanced technology, reliable perfomance, qulity assurance and excellent service.